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Sevenoaks Sleepers

I have an extensive range of stock at Stanstead (top of Wrotham Hill).




Railway Sleepers are increasingly popular for use in landscaping projects, gardens, construction sites, Golf courses, Equestrian Centres, Waste sites and car parks.  In creative landscaping they are often used for raised flower beds, earth retaining walls and other features to enhance the appearance of gardens and drives and you will always find a sleeper whether new/used Softwood/hardwood, treated/untreated to suit your particular requirements and expectations.


Stock and Pricing Guide

Site vist may be appropriate as customers can often change their original ideas when discussing applications and viewing the variety of stock options.


We now have lots of experience about what works and looks good in different situations and offer this insight for free!!.

Our stock is always changing along with pricing, we can usually offer budget sleepers from as little as £10.00 ex vat and halves from as little as £6.00 ex vat.

Please call me for a specific quote since pricing is a bit of a moving target depending on order size, Sleeper quality and grade, availability delivery parameters and what side of the bed I got up on!! 


Oak Reclaimed Sleepers:
Approx. 2600 x 250 x 150 mm
(Creosoted / Hardwood)

Reclaimed, these are very durable, originally Creosoted and made from ‘seasoned’ Oak.  They have quite a ‘Rustic’ appearance and are very good for duties where strength is required, for example retaining walls and bridges. We stock a variety of grades to satisfy most people’s needs.

Please note that the oak sleepers are most unlikely to cause contamination especially since old oak has a very close grain and does not absorb creosote or bitumen in the same way that old pine sleepers often can.            

Reclaimed oak is VERY heavy and will definitely be a two man job to unload and place. Wear gloves and take it very cautiously when moving these hefty lumps).

Reclaimed oak is VERY difficult to cut unless you are very nifty with a chain saw. Reclaimed oak is VERY durable and is likely to last for several decades which is quite different from ANY new timber options you may consider

Prices from £15 -£18 + vat

Current stock includes some curved sleepers ideal to follow a contour when laid flat.

Pine Reclaimed Sleepers

Approx. 2600 x 250 x 150 mm and/or 2600 x 250 x 125 mm Creosoted/softwood)

All genuine reclaimed Railway Sleepers have surface marking and may have weathered bolt holes. Pine sleepers sometimes “bleed” bitumen in hot weather however this is not dangerous just messy. However none of the reclaimed pine stock I have taken recently has suffered with this issue and it seems to have been more of a feature of the uk 10/5” product that seems now to be very difficult to get hold of..

Reclaimed sleepers are intrinsically a variable product but the natural differences seem to magically disappear when a few are placed together.  You never wish to see all four sides of a sleeper at once so minor damage can easily be lost on an internal surface with no reduction of structural integrity.

Prices £12 / £18 + vat

New Tanalised Softwood Pine Sleepers:
Approx. (mm) 2400 x 245 x 115 or
Approx. (mm) 2400 x 200 x 100

Ideal for an attractive ‘fitted’ look, being accurately sawn to size.  They are an attractive golden brown, durable, straight and relatively light to handle. There may still be considerable variations in colour (and weight) between consignments so if your project is of a sensitive nature it would be prudent to assure your total supply from one shipment.

The green mottling that sometimes affects the timber finish is a function of the tanalisation process and will weather within months to an even effect. Nobody who has observed this on new delivered sleepers has returned to complain of its persistence. New wood will always weather to a sometimes surprising degree and this is normal.Features utilising these sleepers have an ‘engineered’ look that many find appealing, especially for modern/new environments. Their ‘flatness’ makes them ideal for steps or a base for a structure and they are readily laid edge on edge or flat on flat.  It is wise to use a non-permeable ground sheet between the sleeper and soil.   
Prices from £15 to £20 + vat

New Hardwood Untreated Oak Sleepers:
Approx. (mm) 2400 x 200 x 100

Although accurately machined and an attractive golden brown when first produced new oak rapidly turns a light grey and is prone to warping and splitting.

Unlike reclaimed ‘Rustic’ Oak types new Oak sleepers are likely to move after installation.  This is partly because they are usually made from ‘Green Oak’ which may not be properly seasoned. They are not as durable as the new Tanalised Pine unless properly treated prior to placement. Although accurately machined and an attractive golden brown when first produced new oak rapidly turns a light grey and is prone to warping and splitting.

Price £21 + vat


Also a non-permeable ground sheet is recommended between the sleeper and soil.

Delivery usually £20.00 - £25.00 + VAT

This will be subject to distance & size of load

All prices negotiable on large orders and sleeper condition

Payment required in full by cash //cheque or BACS upon delivery

(sorry don’t do cards)

Unfortunately my ability to handle sleepers is somewhat compromised so I will only be able to roll sleepers off my trailer. Please secure the services of a couple of fit young blades if sleepers need moving at all.

Pick up from the yard is welcome on arrangement and I can easily load you with my telehandler. I deliver with a Shogun and twin axle trailer so I can pretty much access anywhere that an ordinary family saloon can get.

Problems may only arise with turning round or/and steep gradients – please advise of any such issues if I don’t ask first !!


Please note:

There are regulations regarding restrictions on where Creosote treated timber can be used.  Where contact with skin is likely i.e.: seating, interior use and children play areas Creosoted timber is not acceptable.

The prohibitions on usage, according to EC & EEC regulations are as follows:-

Inside buildings (whatever the purpose), in toys, in playgrounds and in garden furniture.

In garden situations where there is a risk of ‘frequent’ skin contact.  ‘Frequent’ is advised by the DTI to mean “habitual or constant”.

Sevenoaks Sleepers trusts that this information is of assistance in your enjoying safe usage of our products and would like to make the following comments:

It is our understanding that you can grow produce, (veg etc.) inside a space contained by treated sleepers but not on them and that they can be used for retaining slopes in say a garden or commercial environment.

Probably the main issue with reclaimed sleepers is not necessarily toxicity, since the more hazardous low molecular with contaminants and water soluble phenols will have long since dispersed, but the dirtiness of the entrained Bitumen.  Bitumen is potentially more of a problem with pressure treated Pine compared with Oak since Pine has a much more ‘open’ wood grain absorbing more Bitumen and therefore having a greater tendency to ‘bleed’ in warm weather.


Reclaimed Railway Sleepers are a natural product inevitably of considerable age and therefore one finds there is a variation of quality between loads.  We recommend viewing a potential consignment to be sure that you are happy with it.

For Railway Sleepers in the Hampshire, West Sussex and Dorset areas please contact Mark Benson of Fairoak Sleepers stocking one of the largest ranges of sleepers in the UK. Sevenoaks sleepers and Fairoak sleepers work closely together and between us we would expect to fulfil all your sleeper needs.



For a friendly, dependable and consistent service please contact:


Mark Johnson (BSc LEDM Wye) on 07832 236644

Moved from Ryash to the top of Wrotham Hill but please ring to catch me